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Low Tech Ideas

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Find Low Tech Tools at:

   Therapy Shoppe

   Onion Mountain Tech


Try some of these low-tech ideas with your students:


Time Timer:  A visual timer targeted at students who benefit from a visual reminder of time left, or become over-anxious at the anticipation of an auditory "ding" .  Available from www.timetimer.com


Fidget Putty:  silicone, non-toxic, non-greasy putty for sensory needs in the classroom, for homework, attention, etc.  Comes in four levels of resistance.  (Search for therapy putty) www.therapyshoppe.com


Kneadable Eraser:  great 'fidget' for students to use in the classroom or while doing homework.  Sturdy, resistive, functional eraser.  www.staples.com or local office supply/art supply stores.


Highlighter Tape:  Removable highlighter -- perfect for highlighting in textbooks or library books, or removing when decisions about important information have changed.  Use to highlight vocabulary, main ideas and supporting details, parts of speech, correct math computations, etc.  Available from www.therapyshoppe.com


Crayola Model Magic:  Form into a pencil grip to fit a student's grasp.  Available at http://www.crayola.com/products/splash/model_magic/ 


 EZC Readers: make reading easier to track and follow for some students.  Available from www.reallygoodstuff.com or make you own with colored laminate film and index cards.

 Fidget Pencils: for those students who need to quietly fidget while listening or working.  Available from www.therapyshoppe.com


Hokki Stool - Classroom stool with a rocking, wobbly bottom.  Allows for movement while sitting.  www.wittfitt.com 


 Bad Speller's Dictionary:  Look up words using their phonetic "misspellings" and find the correct spelling.  Available from www.amazon.com


Neo by AlphaSmart:  portable word processor is a solution for word processing on-the-go, for students who can keyboard more successfully than write, and classroom collaboration.  Available from www.alphasmart.com


Franklin Speaking Homework Wiz:  Speaking speller and dictionary.  Available from www.franklin.com


   Franklin Pagemark Dictionary:  slides between pages like a book mark.  Available from www.franklin.com


Carbonless Notebook:  share student notes.  Available from http://www.mayerproducts.com/contact.html or  www.mayer-johnson.com


Handheld Keyboard:  Wireless handheld thumb keyboard by Logitech interacts with any computer.  Available at http://www.amazon.com 

Handheld Keyboard:  Wireless handheld keyboard/mouse interacts with any computer.  Available at http://www.amazon.com

Anybook Reader:  record yourself reading a book for your students. With this simple touch, record, playback process you can record any page of any book you already own. Use the recordable stickers to record audio on anything - worksheets, communication boards, and other classroom materials. http://www.franklin.com 

LiveScribe Pulse SmartPen:  Take notes while the pen records the audio, and plays back at the touch of the paper.  Upload notes and audio to the computer for review, study, etc.  Available from http://www.livescribe.com

Handheld Scanner:  Scan in text/notes from resource materials and books electronically.  Hear it read back, upload to your computer for modification, highlighting, etc.  Available from http://www.wizcomtech.com/ 





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